Our Curriculum and Programs

Our full-day and partial-day NAEYC accredited programs are all described below.

  • Full Day Preschool

    Full Day Preschool Program, 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

    Tuition for Full Day Preschool is based on a sliding scale fee determined by family income. Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack are provided.

    South Group – 3 year olds
    The South Group is the smallest group at Leila Day, with twelve children, three teachers, and an afternoon assistant. The children are in South for the school year and then move as a group into the East Class, where they stay for the following year as four year olds.

    East Group – 4 year olds
    New four year olds join the children coming from the South Class and spend a year together before moving on to Kindergarten. The group numbers sixteen children with three teachers and an afternoon assistant.

    North Group – Mixed-Age Group: 3 and 4 year olds
    Children can enter the North Group at age three or four. The three year olds in this group stay for two years. If there are openings, children can also join the group as four year olds and stay for a year before moving on to Kindergarten. There are sixteen children in this mixed-age group with three teachers and an afternoon assistant.

  • Morning Preschool

    Morning Preschool Program, 8:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

    Tuition for Morning Preschool is fixed and based on the number of mornings per week. Breakfast and lunch are provided.


    The Morning Program is a mixed-age group. Children enter at age three or four with the option of two, three, or five mornings a week. There are sixteen children in the Morning Program with three teachers.

  • Full Day Kindergarten

    Full Day Kindergarten Program, 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

    Tuition for Full Day Kindergarten is based on a sliding scale fee determined by family income. Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack are provided. There are up to eighteen children in the class with three teachers and one part-time assistant.


    Balance is the common thread running through each aspect of kindergarten at Leila Day. Leila Day’s tradition of exploratory learning is naturally integrated into the academic rigor which helps prepare the children for their future educational experiences. Kindergarten at Leila Day promotes growth and development by motivating children to take control of their own learning. Children are encouraged to take risks and step outside of their comfort zone which helps foster independence and confidence inside and outside of the classroom.

    Our indoor and outdoor learning environments are hives of activity where curiosity and discovery are consistently present. Hands on learning and one on one time with children are achieved because of the low teacher to child ratio. We offer a broad range of joyful experiences to enhance personal growth, self-expression, social awareness and cognitive exploration. These include an art, building, dramatic play, music and movement, science explorations, mathematical thinking, cooking, reading, creative writing, and a thematic study of communities that includes many local walking field trips. Our kindergarten teachers use Wilson Fundations, a research-based program for literacy instruction. Fundations makes reading fun, while helping children develop critical foundational literacy skills.

    Exploratory learning is encouraged on a daily basis. Children are always uncovering new interests, which provide opportunities for whole group observations and investigations. We believe in supporting the whole child, and teach balance through rest time, that includes individual reflection and guided meditation. Children learn to identify feelings and become aware of their responses to their thoughts and emotions. We value rich relationships between all members of our community and encourage children to view their teachers as partners. Children are encouraged to independently problem solve and resolve conflicts; yet they know to ask for help from a teacher if they need support. Our goal is create a kindergarten experience where children can wonder, explore, and grow as members of a thoughtful and kind community.

  • After School Programs

    After School Programs, 2:50 p.m.-5:30 p.m.


    The Leila Day After School Program begins at the end of the Worthington Hooker school day. At dismissal time, two Leila Day teachers meet the Juniors, children in kindergarten through second grade, at Little Hooker School on Canner Street and two teachers meet the Seniors, third through fifth graders, at Big Hooker on Whitney Avenue. They walk to Leila Day, their after school home away from home. A snack is provided by Chef Lou, followed by a group meeting, and guided meditation. Following this teacher-led group portion of the afternoon, children select their play, having choice between indoor and the outdoor spaces.

    Indoors, children can engage in art activities that include map making, mandalas, and self-portraits. Journaling, drawing, reading, dramatic play, and games are always indoor options, as well. Outdoors the children are free range in the Cottage yard or East Rock Park where they create their own adventures. Activities vary from building forts to crafting fairy houses and gnome homes to dramatic play in the natural world. On designated afternoons, the children and teachers spend the afternoon in East Rock Park where they track animals, fish in the Mill River, and explore the outdoors. At 5:00 pm the afternoon begins winding down. Children journal, draw, read, or read to before the program closes at 5:30 pm.

    After School Juniors Program

    This program is based on a sliding scale fee determined by family income. An afternoon snack is provided.

    Twenty children in kindergarten through grade two are supervised by two Juniors teachers. The Juniors Program enrolls one time for the entire school year. Children in this program enroll for a five day week.

    After School Seniors Program

    This program is fixed and based on the number of afternoons per week. An afternoon snack is provided.

    Fourteen children in grades three through five are supervised by two Seniors teachers. Enrollment for the Seniors Program is done in two semesters, Fall and Spring. Seniors families choose how many and which days their child will attend.

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