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I’m interested in enrolling my child in Leila Day. What is the admissions process?

Families who wish to enroll their child at Leila Day should complete an application. Applications can be submitted beginning in September for the following year. You can apply online at www.leiladay.org, or request that an application be mailed or emailed to you by contacting our office at 203-624-1374 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We do not charge an application fee, nor does your application obligate you in any way.

Please note that children must be at least 2 years and 9 months old by September 1st of the year for which they are applying. For example, if you are applying for 2018-2019 enrollment, your child must be at least 3 years old by December 31, 2018.

A family visit of our school and outdoor space is a required part of the admissions process. Visits are scheduled November through January and are a time for families to visit us and see Leila Day in action. This is an opportunity to meet with a member of our administrative staff and gain an understanding of our philosophy and practices in order to know what the Leila Day experience will mean for you and your child. You can get answers to any questions you have about Leila Day and learn what you can expect as a family in the Leila Day community.

Contracts are mailed to new families in late January and we ask for them to be returned promptly. Since we often receive more applications than available spaces, some children are offered a place on our active wait list.

How are children grouped at Leila Day?

In grouping children we consider age, gender, ethnicity and race, heritage, residence and socioeconomics. We want all families to feel welcome, and work to make sure that the children will not only be exposed to a wonderful learning experience, but that an important part of that experience is a diverse community where they and their families may form deep, lasting connections and friendships.

How does the sliding scale work?

We base our full day preschool, kindergarten, and after school program tuition fees on a sliding scale based on annual family income. We consider each family’s circumstances individually, as no two families are alike. Our historical mission has always been to support working families, and we continue to uphold that mission.

If you are applying for financial aid, we do ask that you submit financial information early in the application process. Without financial information on record, contracts are written at the top of our sliding fee scale. Having your information early in the process allows us to award our limited amount of financial assistance fairly across our pool of applicants. If you anticipate a change in your income for any reason, please also let us know as early in the process as possible.

Do children at Leila Day nap?

The schedules for all full day classes include a quiet time when the teachers help children relax their bodies and rest their minds. Children in our preschool classes bring a comforting blanket and pillow or soft toy to their cot and they rest or sleep for 60 to 90 minutes. Children who don’t sleep may bring a book or quiet activity to their cot. In kindergarten, children experience rest time each afternoon. These 30-40 minutes may include a guided meditation, a mindfulness exercise, or soft music. They might sleep, sketch, journal, or read. Rest time provides children with balance to their busy and interactive day, and practice at being calm and quiet with themselves.

I know that meals are provided. What happens if my child doesn’t care for the food?

Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack are prepared by our beloved chef, Lou. High quality ingredients are used in our from-scratch meal preparation, and fresh produce is served each day. At Leila Day, we cater to vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, and Halal diets and we accommodate for all food allergies. We do not make modifications for individual preference. There are several components to each meal, and children are encouraged to choose what they eat and serve themselves.

Family-style meal service is an important part of our school culture, with children and adults all eating the same meal, together. During meals, rich discussion happens, practical skills are learned, and often children discover they like a new food because it has been offered and see their friends and teachers enjoying it together.

Do children need to be toilet trained to attend Leila Day?

We do not require that children be toilet trained in order to attend Leila Day. We do expect that parents and teachers will communicate regularly and work as a team with your child toward achieving that goal

How do you handle discipline?

At the start of each year, teachers take the time to explain our philosophy regarding discipline to every parent. The goal of discipline at Leila Day is to help children develop the inner controls needed to manage appropriate behavior for group life, both here and in the larger world. We want children to learn how to take care of themselves, how to take care of each other, and how to take care of their environment. Teachers spend a great deal of time talking with children to explain the expectations for behavior at school, to remind them of what their daily routines and responsibilities are, and to help children learn to identify and express their feelings with words. As conflicts arise, teachers are available to suggest ways to work out problems with words and to support children through this process. As children become more skilled at communicating, sharing, and negotiating, teachers become less involved in mediation.

Leila Day emphasizes nature-based learning and outdoor play. Do the children go outside in bad weather?

At Leila Day we feel strongly about the importance of outdoor play and learning. Children go outside twice each day throughout the seasonal changes. We monitor for weather advisories and do not go outdoors if there is an active wind chill or heat advisory. Engaging the children in the natural world is one of our core values and we have curriculum dedicated to outdoor learning. Each child needs to have outdoor clothing that is appropriate to the season and weather, such as rain boots, rain coats, and rain pants during the wet seasons, and snow pants, snow boots, winter coats, hats and gloves during cold weather. We adhere to the Norwegian belief that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing, and we help ensure that each child is adequately dressed to enjoy the experiences of each season.

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