Why I Teach (Introducing Our Staff)


  • ChrisAnn Miranda | CAKE
    ChrisAnn Miranda | CAKE
    I teach because I want to help children have courage, compassion and connection. I want them to live and accept who they are, and who others are.
  • Sara Werthmann | OPEN BOOK
    Sara Werthmann | OPEN BOOK
    I teach because I believe every child needs loving adults to listen to them, encourage them and inspire them to have wonderful ideas.
  • Karlyn Donovan | PINE TREE
    Karlyn Donovan | PINE TREE
    I teach because I want to provide children with a safe space, and give them the tools and resources they will need in life that not all have access to. I teach because every child deserves the opportunity to succeed and I want to help them get there.


  • Sue Sears | WAVE
    Sue Sears | WAVE
    I teach young children because I believe in the importance of children’s play- as it involves all areas of their development as well as helping them feel the joy in their creative spirit.
  • Kara Roxbee | CAMERA
    Kara Roxbee | CAMERA
    I teach because I believe that creating a positive early childhood educational experience will solidify a lifelong love for learning. Witnessing the magic of these experiences is something I cherish deeply and is why I love what I do.
  • Daphnee Nicolas | GLOBE
    Daphnee Nicolas | GLOBE
    I teach to make sure all children have a chance at high quality education experience. Growing up in Haiti, I missed a good portion of my early education due to war and violence. I teach to nurture myself as well, to gain a sense of innocence I missed as a child. Most importantly, I teach to learn from the children because they have so much to teach us and through them we can change our world.


  • Paige Lane | AVOCADO
    Paige Lane | AVOCADO
    I teach because as an educator I have the opportunity to guide individuals toward obtaining core personal, social and ethical values to confidently navigate the world around them.
  • Selina Hobby | EIGHTH NOTE
    Selina Hobby | EIGHTH NOTE
    I teach because I want to create the kind of classroom experience I did not receive- nonjudgmental, safety and care.
  • Katie Kidder | CAT
    Katie Kidder | CAT
    I teach because I love being able to spark the fire of curiosity that is inside each child and see their sense of wonder of the world around them grow throughout the year.


  • Nicole Price | SKIS
    Nicole Price | SKIS
    I teach because each day is new and exciting and the feeling that I get when I see a child’s eyes light up with excitement when they learn or try something new is unlike any other.
  • Terri DiBona | READING GLASSES
    Terri DiBona | READING GLASSES
    I teach to see the world from all the difference perspectives of the children, every year.
  • Laurie Ladr | TREBLE CLEF
    Laurie Ladr | TREBLE CLEF
    I love to watch the developmental process unfold through my conversations with children. Every day brings new reasons to smile and be amazed as I look through the window of conversation at each child's understanding of their world.

ASP Juniors + Seniors

  • Charlie Malone | OUROBORUS
    Charlie Malone | OUROBORUS
    Nature Study Coordinator + Curriculum Facilitator

    I love teaching young children because I can be a bridge between the uniqueness of each child and the mysteries, the wonder, the grandeur of this good earth.
  • Amber Morris | STAR
    Amber Morris | STAR
    I teach because I love helping children discover their own stories and learn to express them creatively.
  • Paige Vickerman | COMPASS
    Paige Vickerman | COMPASS
    I teach to help children discover their voice in this ever changing world.


  • Michelle Munro | FLIP FLOP
    Michelle Munro | FLIP FLOP
    I teach because there is an excitement of joy and suspense in the journey.
  • Amber Morris | STAR
    Amber Morris | STAR
    I teach because I love helping children discover their own stories and learn to express them creatively.
  • Linda Terrill | HEART
    Linda Terrill | HEART
    I teach because there is nothing more fulfilling than helping these eager young learners develop self-esteem, confidence and independence while cultivating their curiosity and kindness towards each other and the world around them.


  • Ashley Stockton | MAP
    Ashley Stockton | MAP
    Executive Director

    I work at Leila Day because I value discovery. Being a partner to children and families from all backgrounds and experiences and helping open up the world to them means everything to me. I believe in nurturing children as they develop a sense of self and the confidence to question, to challenge, and to love in this very complex world.
  • Mamta Agarwal | BALLOON
    Mamta Agarwal | BALLOON
    Finance + Development Manager

    I work at Leila Day because I believe in the environment we create for children- “cherishing, childhood.”
  • Sheila Crowley | SPIRAL
    Sheila Crowley | SPIRAL
    Admissions + Operations Manager

    I work at Leila Day because I love supporting the long standing mission of Leila Day to help working mothers/families and the commitment to enroll children from diverse economic and ethnic backgrounds. Being a part of helping families give their child a safe and nurturing place to discover nature and self, is joyful and meaningful for me.

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